Things Left Unsaid 2023, Lagos Nigeria

Affinity Gallery is pleased to present ‘Things Left Unsaid’ a bold new group exhibition featuring works by Dianna Offor, Emmanuel Unaji, Joseph Aina and Stephen Langa, opening on Sunday June 18th at the gallery’s space in Lagos.
"Things Left Unsaid" is an immersive exhibition that delves into the inherent human longing to be truly seen, understood, and acknowledged. It serves as a profound reflection on the consequences of our failure to engage in introspection and ask vital questions of ourselves and society. Within the exhibition's realm, ignorance is stripped of its illusory comfort, exposing the weight of unresolved issues that linger. Central to the exhibition is a dynamic interplay between the artists and their works, with two artists embracing figurative art while the other two delve into the realm of abstraction. Each artist fearlessly confronts different facets of their internal worlds, allowing their personal narratives to intertwine with the broader tapestry of society. Through their diverse works, viewers are invited to embark on a transformative journey of observation, introspection, and departure, taking away a profound and meaningful experience. ... As humans, we have an instinctual need to be seen, to be understood, to be acknowledged by others and subconsciously, even by ourselves. This exhibition titled ‘Things left unsaid’ is the culmination of what could happen when we don’t do the necessary digging and soul searching, when we do not ask the right questions of ourselves and of society. In this case, ignorance may not be bliss and the elephant in the room remains unmoved. Also at play in this exhibition is the dialogue between the artists and their works; although all quite unique in their own styles, two of the artists are more figurative leaning while the other two create abstract art. These four artists in their own way, come to terms with various elements of their internal worlds that slip into the wider society. They invite us to step in, take a look and leave with something.