Intersections, 2021, Lagos Nigeria

The artist’s work explores themes around the paradox and consequence of choices, the importance of documentation of the times, and dares to challenge societal stereotypes. Notably, the works include paintings, photographs and texts making a distinct reference to contemporary culture. The emerging artists initiate an artistic journey, inviting the audience to witness their contrasting worlds converge. The foundation of the exhibition references the point where two things convene and influence each other. Both figurative and narrative, the works on array show how each artist explores the crossroads between different dimensions and indirectly creates new forms of meaning.
Chigozie Obi’s LE JOURNAL DE GOZIE (GOZIE’S JOURNAL), highlights the importance of documentation in her life. Chigozie’s body of work features photography as a medium to document events and observe people before she translates them into portraits while staying firm within her style. The artworks are entwined through her multidisciplinary approach to present a visual and written diary. Chigozie’s body of work compiles photography, painting, and text as a medium for record-keeping. ... James Adebayo’s body of work titled, Hot Air Balloon, is an ongoing series focused on themes of identity and gender inequality. The subjects in this series are mirrored, as if looking back at the observer, evoking questions around boundaries. His paintings also reference Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s We Should All Be Feminists, to emphasize the collective need to dream of a world where men and women are equal. James is influenced by the mechanics of the hot air balloon – an aircraft that works when hot air rises. This series reimagines what it means to rise above gender hierarchy and what it means for all people to create and live out their desired path. Claire Idera’s body of work, Bouquet of Choice, reveals the moments of imagination when the mind wrestles with the complexity of choice. Taking inspiration from personal journals, the artist reflects on moments when life-changing decisions are determined. The figures in her work have an unblinking stare that engages you in a tactile way. Her portraits draw the viewer into intimate moments in life and crucial thoughts that determine choices. The natural and whimsical elements in Claire’s work highlight the contrast between reality and escapism. In this series of works, ‘A Moment With My Lemons’, Jonathan Chambalin explores the adage, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, encouraging defiant optimism in the face of adversity. Colorful and perplexing, the subjects in his works have a dream-like contemplative gaze that questions what to do with dilemmas or moments of difficulty and is a visual metaphor of the lemon.