Emmanuel Adebayo Adeyemi, (b.year)

He’s the son of an artist who stopped his professional practice due to certain predicaments of life but didn’t rub off on Emmanuel’s practice who taught himself how to draw and paint at early stages of his life as he felt inspired by the past works of his father. For his education, Emmanuel took creative arts in the University of Lagos where he later slipped out of school to explore more of his talent beyond his professor’s rules and confinement as the system is often based on less self-expressive practice and more of rigid theories. The awareness of his strength and purpose got him fully engaged with reforming and polishing his artistic talent as He shifted his focus on redeeming earth off her dirt caused by human activities, and recreate her with a vision of achieving an adequate environment for all species living in it. Emmanuel launched his career as an artist as his diverse approach to creating attracted the attention of media houses, local galleries and individuals who fell for the charm of his creations, the context of his works has a captivating and interactive impact on the viewers as they range from outdoor to indoor spaces.